150Gram Premium Mighty Mix – Natural RAW Nuts & Dried Fruits

  • What’s inside?

Raw (Natural) Nuts:

oMacadamias (Australia)

oBrazilnuts (Bolivia)

oAlmonds (USA)

oWalnuts (USA)

Dried Fruits:

oJumbo size Golden Raisins (USA)

oCranberries (USA)

oBlueberries (USA)

oBlack Raisins (USA)

  • Freshness guaranteed & premium quality
  • Natural, raw, non-GMO
  • Please note that RAW nuts would not be as crunchy as roasted nut, especially for almond, they are indeed “fresh” nut. Can be consumed instantly
  • Product has been grown, processed, manufactured under conditions which comply with sanitary and health law of the origin country
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Weight0.15 kg
Dimensions12 × 4 × 21 mm

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